On paper, it should be a BIG day for Arsenal

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A total monster of a day ahead.

FA Cup Semi Final day... at a well awkward time of 1720.

Teams news is pretty much all good news. It'll be our strongest side out there today. I doubt Wenger will be resting any key players at this time of the season, so hopefully we're going to see Reading totally dismantled.


Guardiola playing the wrong type of blame game

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I'm gearing up for a big one tomorrow. Semi-final time. Wembley time. Party time if we make the most of the day.

It's a late kickoff. Ridiculously put on at the same time as Chelsea and United square off. I mean, come on, can we not make the most of the communications tech and have both games become a show piece. I find it upsetting enough that a game like that has to shown at 5pm anyway. Why can't the rest of the world workaround my preferences for 3pm's?


What Klopp to City would mean for Arsenal

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It's over for me. I'm officially not capable of going hard on the booze front midweek.

Take my beer badges, I'll leave my bottle opener at the door... it's time to get into yoga andthere probiotic smoothies.


I can write for you today.

So, what do we have?

Klopp is leaving Dortmund. He's not going on a sabbatical. He's going to move to Manchester City. Well, that's what I reckon.

That's pretty scary. He has vision, he's charming and he loves to play attacking expansive football.

He's delivered a poor job there this season. He's either been rumbled, or he's just been at the same role for too long.

Can he reinvent himself at a new place? I reckon so. But he's a risk for whoever he takes on.

... and, the great thing, is it leaves the door open for us to nab Pep when he leaves Bayern.

United will have LVG.

Mourinho ain't going nowhere.

Klopp at City would be a long term thing.

Perfect, right?