Liverpool planning a move for Arsenal striker

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Oh hells yeah, this is a morning post… before 9am. How you feeling about that?

Pretty good, I hope.

I find it amazing that every time Arsenal build up a bit of a steam, someone in the media tries their damndest to create a story out of nothing. Phil Neville kicking off about Rosicky’s ‘no look’ pass… I mean, come on. Really? A man who played with Cristiano in his prime show-pony days is bitching about a bit of entertainment?



Two important players could leave.

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Apologies, I lied yesterday. This is the last late post. I met with the Movember team this morning. Inspiring group of people. Always great when the people behind a charity are hugely passionate about what they do. Puts working in marketing in perspective. But hey, someone has to sell cigarettes to 15 years olds.



Tomas, what a hero

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Howdy people. This is the last post I’ll write really tired. Unless I’m tired tomorrow. I’ve flown through the night. So forgive the higher than usual amount of typos.

Right. So, I watched the game in the Blind Pig yesterday with a couple of friends. The pub was louder than the ground. Other thing to note… they have a Six Point beer called Henrys Hops (AFTER THIERRY). It’s good beer. Other thing to note, Arsenal on TV in the morning is the perfect excuse to be drunk all day. What a great perk.