Arsenal: Two sign up!

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via Instagram @Arsenal

via Instagram @Arsenal


Cazorla AND Theo have signed new deals.

That’s bloody marvellous on toast.

I know Theo probably landed a payrise. I know people probably think that’s a cheek. I don’t. I rate him. He is electric, he’s a great finisher and he adds directness to our front line. He’s also part of the furniture these days… we couldn’t bin him off. Glad he’s gonna stay with us through his prime years.

But Theo, know this, when you hit 30, it’s game over.

Santi! I love this little guy. I was expecting him to move on this summer and make way for Aaron Ramsey. It didn’t happen. I’d imagine he’ll move on next  year. His legs won’t be able to continue to hack the pace at which they’re being made to work at. But he’s a great player. Exciting, smart and an incredibly hard worker!

Good news. Positive vibes flowing through the camp.

Just a shame we don’t have a bit more muscle through the middle and a real shame Karim Benzema looks like a pipe dream.

Right,  I don’t have much for you today. I’ll give you a big dollop of Arsenal tomorrow.