Emery missing the point of THAT fan chant in best possible way

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So, I think we’re making progress with Uli Hoeness of Bayern Munich. The man-child finally admitted he took things too far with ol’ Mesut when he described his abilities.

“I should not have said sh*t’

Well, there’s somethi…

‘…but crap,”

“My opinion of Mesut is clear: I wanted to make a point of diverting the conversation back towards sport. I wanted to divert it away from racism and integration.”

What a fucking awful thing to say. I’m not fan of Mesut these days, but saying he said Mesut was shit because he wanted to divert the conversation from something important, like racism in sport, is heavily Trumpian. Would he have said it pre-2016, probably not. But society has now fully regressed to the good old days of saying what you want and no one really giving a fuck is the thing.

I know what some of you are thinking, ‘Pete is just so fucking woke he’s not slept for 4 days.’ Come on… this isn’t arguing the merits of gender neutrality in everyday discourse. This is a furious old man unwilling to discuss legitimate causes that impact people on a daily basis.

Can’t he just stfu and talk about how he’s going to sign Arsene Wenger to replace Niko Kovač. I made a joke about it yesterday, but there are rumours floating that an announcement is coming. 6th in the table with that squad is shocking even if you are only 7 games in, but Arsene Wenger to the rescue? It’s f*cking banter. Mind you, not as banterful as Madrid signing Lopetegui when Sam Allardyce was available.

I’ll tell you who is a decent chap, Unai Emery. He was asked about the now infamous chant at Fulham.

“I am not agreeing totally with the response of the supporters,”

“I think we need to improve a lot. I think we have to continue doing a lot of the things to get better.

“Our demands need to be very high. The supporters can enjoy it with us but also we’re speaking with our reality every day. We need to improve because for example the match against Fulham was a very good result and a very good game for 90 minutes, but in the first 45 minutes I thought we needed to do better.”

Now, firstly, I think it’s great that Emery doesn’t think Arsenal are back. Ballague reckons the coaching staff is attributing a lot of our success down to great keeping from Cech, and I know the backroom team is under no illusions that top 4 is going to be easy this season. We’re riding a wave, the hope is that things start to click and we can ride it some more.

Where I think the coach is struggling a bit is that he doesn’t quite understand the chant. The fans weren’t singing ‘we think we’re title contenders’, I think they were singing that they felt the club had been restored to something that was recognisable as a sporting entity on and off the pitch.

Arsenal stopped being Arsene FC this year. The club is now being run to win. The fans can all see that huge strides are being taken all over the place to make sure we’re in a constant cycle of betterment.

We’re a long way off, but at least now, for every mistake that happens, there will be a consequence. If a player is out of form, he’ll not play. If we have a player that doesn’t perform consistently, they won’t be given a new deal and they’ll be sold. If there are clear gaps in the squad, they’ll be filled within 10 years. If we have fitness issues, there will be a real investigation. There will be no rebranding of failure. Forget your Top 4 trophy and the pathetic projects used to deflect from the club lacking ambition. We’re trying to be a real power player.

That’s what having your Arsenal back is. Knowing the club care as much about future success as you do.

Well, those are my two pennies anyway, if you don’t like it, you’re not shit, but you’re certainly crap.

Back to Emery, he’s focused on making sure we play better than we did against Watford.

“If we are remembering the last match at the Emirates [against Watford], we won but not playing like we want, with the control against the opposition. For me now, the most important thing is not to rush.

Interesting that he notes we shouldn’t rush. Maybe that’s reference to the goals that we tend to concede early on in games. If anything, I’ve found our general pace of play very slow and methodical. Hopefully, the spirit of that second half against Fulham can shine through on Monday. Fast, incisive, and absolutely clinical. That said, Leicester has a lot of good players, and pace to burn.

“The next game against Leicester is very big, very difficult. Leicester are a very good team and play with a clear identity under Claude Puel. They are very competitive, have very good players and we need every single player, and our mentality together to be stronger than in the last match.”

Harry Mcguire at the back post is a big worry, no doubt. Outside that, they’re just a really solid team that’s organized and capable of an upset. We have to be on our game. I’m hoping the extra few days training might give us an edge.

Questions will still buzz over whether Ramsey will start, the manager giving nothing away.

“I want his performance like the other players,”

“For example, in the last match he started on the bench, then he played 25 minutes with this performance. On Monday it’s the same if he starts in the first XI or on the bench, to come with the focus for this match to help. It’s not different [than it is] for other players.”

It’s a bit of nonsense that we’ve got to play the following Thursday in Europa. Sporting are currently 5th. Regardless, that’ll be a tough game away from home after the international break. No doubt there will be some strong rotation in order.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

P.S. Read this if you’re still thinking xG is footballing hipsterism.