Chambo banter problem | Game at weekend the Arsenal tipping point?

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The size of golf balls... served in plastic pots. Do not tell Europe about this...

Oysters the size of golf balls… served in plastic pots. Do not tell Europe about this…

Happy whatever day it is!

I’m struggling with the concept of abundance right now. Yesterday, I went into a bar Southbend. It’s on the coast of Washington State. The area is big on seafood, because they have loads of it and they are by the sea. They also like oysters. They are too freely available to charge premium dollar.

So do you know what they do with them? They batter them, then deep fat fry them. Worse, they also make burger patties out of them.


Stan dropping galactico bids on the wrong thing!

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The money shot. Lake 22. Breathtaking.

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How’s it going!

Went to Lake 22 yesterday, what a scene. Furious about the lack of wifi, but wow. This country can be spectacular!

So, Stan drops a pittance on our title bid, but goes for broke on a ranch that cost him £500m. Is that not insane?

Does he not know about our world class striker issue?

What a joke.

Henry said what many of us are thinking about Arsenal.

“For me at the moment, Leicester are the team to win it. They’re not only showing they can win it, they’re showing they can cope with the pressure.”

Yah, agree. They have that look about them. Total belief. Total focus.

We show it in spurts. We haven’t showed it in 2016. It’s like we know what’s coming.

That can change though. Starts with the manager. His job is to instil the fight. He hasn’t been able to inject that into a team since the invincibles. Some would say that he’s not capable. Adams and co used to manage that. They passed it on. Then when they left, Wenger couldn’t bring it back. That perfect blend of thuggery and intellect lost… now we have a nice group of boys who could be trusted to behave at an all you can drink.

This game is mega. I think we’ll win. I’m not sure that we’ll kick on from it. But I think this is winnable. We have the best record against the top teams this year. Let’s hope it continues!

Right, more tomorrow.

Good night!