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So kicking on from yesterday’s brief dalliance around the topic of the managers contract. Goal.com are reporting that Wenger still hasn’t tied himself down to a new deal and nor have his backroom team. Apparently he’s going to wait it out and see how his last few results pan out.

4th is still not assured. If City are out of the league by the time they play Everton, that’s a holiday play from City, so they could drop points. That puts our last game vs Norwich as a survival game. Everton will be playing a resting Hull City. This is going to the wire and there are no certainties.


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Moyes gone after failure. What constitutes failure at Arsenal???

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Welcome to Tuesday people, if you’re UK based, this is technically a Monday. But here’s the twist… it’s only a 4 day week. How good is that? So good…

So what do we have today? Well, no sooner had United officially missed out on the Champions League, their hierarchy has leaked that he was facing the sack. This morning, he was given his marching orders. Total brutality, but that’s the modern game for you. No time for people who can’t handle the top.

Big clubs don’t drop out of the champions league. Big clubs like United don’t consistently lose massive games. Big clubs deal with the problem ASAP.

I wrote last summer that bringing him in was a disastrous decision. Moyes was a hot manager a few years ago, but he really did fail to do anything with Everton other than keep them par the course (sounds like anyone you know?). This whole ‘give him time’ mantra people like Gary Neville (protecting his brothers job… never!) push makes sense if you can see a vision. Looking at what Moyes brought to United, I’d say that vision wasn’t in focus. He had no plan of action. Which probably wasn’t his fault, but in my opinion, it he’d only just found out about the job last May, he should have kept the status quo and planned his tenure this year.

That’s something Arsenal need to remember when bringing in a new manager. Don’t give whomever the chosen one is 6 minutes to pull together a plan. Start the planning now. I  find it crazy that Arsene has us on tenterhooks at the moment. I’d put the contract in front of him and tell him if he doesn’t sign him, the club has no choice but to start talking to successors. Right now, if Arsene sacked it in, I’m pretty sure we’d have our pants down without a clue what to do next.

United have been talking to new people, but regardless, they’ll probably have to suffer another year of transition (it looks very unlikely Klopp will feature according to Honigstein who is usually on-point, which is great news). Point is, they’ll have a better man in to spend their £150m. It’s a good move to sack Moyes. But a sad one for us.

Arsenal fans on the other hand won’t be so lucky. There’s still a contract on the table with very little political desire for Arsene to leave. Clearly a massive shame considering performance this year.

Someone in the comments picked up this Guardian comment. Painful, but there’s a painful truth in it.

Brutal but 100% correct call by the United board. They had to cut their losses now, there simply was no other realistic option.

Perhaps United might lose some of the hubris with this seasons turn of events. All this “club apart” rubbish spouted by the likes of Neville, dreadful arrogance brought low. They actually believed instead of getting in a top manager from outside their environment, they could take a mediocre one and the power and aura of their club alone would simply “create” one. They’ve found out the harsh way it doesn’t work like that.

Meanwhile Arsene Wenger cruises along at Arsenal, another huge contract signing no doubt imminent. Maybe he should take some time to reflect on his fortune at finding himself at a club like Arsenal rather than a genuinely big one, as this is the sort of judgement he would have been subject to.

It’s always a shame to listen to explayers talk up 4th place and an FA cup as a success (Dave Seaman). It’s that type of malaise you don’t want to hear amongst ex pros who were total winners. 4th place from being top for 128 days, with over £100m sitting on the bank is a failure whichever way you look at it. This seasons failures are even sharper because they transcend mere player purchases. Tactics, preparation, motivation, scouting, recovery and general fitness.

… but we’ll hand out a two year sentimentality deal regardless. Fans will back a manager clueless to the realities. Arsenal will stagnate further, and it’ll be ok, because it’s Arsene at the helm. Stability and stagnation seems to be a combination that’s acceptable. I find it bizarre. I find it infuriating that fans still argue the toss over Wenger’s handling of players irrespective of the evidence at hand with our disgraceful injury list, the basics of how you manage fitness very publicly available, expert testimony about the issues and the admittance of Wenger that he overplays. The fear of the fans allows this continue…

On the fitness front, I watched Liverpool at the weekend. Their head of fitness Ryland got a hug off Rodgers at the end of the Norwich game. I was looking for Tony Colbert on our bench. Nowhere to be seen. Has anyone ever seen him at a game? Ever seen him running a warm up? A very strange absence, but testament to the lack of interest in running a world class fitness team.

In other schadenfreude news, Cesc Fabregas has been selected as the player most Barca fans would like to see transferred this summer. 48% want him gone according to a poll. Imagine that? Voting out a player of that calibre. I mean, I know football fans can be a classless bunch at times, but jeez, that’s a super, super talented player you want to see the back of there.


You are banned from making transfers both inward and outward this summer.

Barca have a lot of unhappiness going on at the club. I read an article the other day that claimed Messi ran less than Valdes in the Champions League. There are also unhappy bunnies in Tello and Pedro. Give me any of those guys, particularly Messi… honestly, we could do something with him.

Talking of clubs with bans. I believe UEFA announce their black list in two weeks time.. It’ll be interesting to see how many of Europes bankrupt clubs face transfer bans… or worse… Champions League Exit orders, this summer. Rumour has it City are top of the pile of the bad men. I remember asking the question about them last summer. I’m guessing that Atletico are right up there. Paris should be. If they’re not, their outrageous commercial deals should feature heavily on someone’s investigation ‘to-do’ list.

Right, that’s me done, HAVE A GOOD ONE > x

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