Bye Bye Diaby

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Morning all! Alex here.

Did you survive the heatwave? How did you celebrate – by eating an ice cream in a company meeting or leaving your favourite pet in the car to catch some rays? I’ve been laid up in bed with the worst man-flu of all time, so the searing heat has really helped things.

To coincide with the hottest day of the year, Arsenal released some players (conspiracy!). Among the fallen were Pedro favourite Jack Jebb and Abou Diaby, the one that got away. Clearly a talented guy who could never quite shake off those injury demons. I’m bored with discussions about whether he should’ve been kept on the books all these years, he clearly had potential and there was the desire on all sides that one day things would work. But this move is best for all parties. It can’t be easy going through what he has gone through, regardless of what he is paid. Having the talent to be a professional footballer but being unable to use it must be a thousands times worse than never having the talent in the first place. He always carried himself in the right way and I wish him the best of luck (I’m sure that’ll mean a lot to him).

In honour of the broken one, I thought I’d list my top three Diaby moments:

1. His goal against Villa in 08. Nice bit of skill, a barn-storming run and he made Eboue look good
2. That one game he had against Liverpool. Best player on the park, we all thought we’d found our new Viera
3. Kicking John Terry in the face. Arguably Arsenal’s greatest Cup moment in the Wenger era.

Share your Diaby memories in the comments below but don’t use the #ThanksAbou because its cringe.

In other news Jose Whatshisface has done a u-turn so big you can see it from space:

“I support the owner’s decision to honour the player in this way” Mourinho said in between drowning a bag full of kittens. “Petr has been a great servant for Chelsea for 11 years and helped this club to win almost everything there is to win.”

In other words, get back in your box little man, Roman is in charge. And as a punishment here is Tal Ben-Haim and Steve Sidwell. Good luck with the league bitch. Jose seems on the brink at the moment. Hopefully this transfer saga will be enough to tip him over the edge, force him into some kind of John Carver style managerial meltdown which will see Chelsea relegated and Fabregas sold to Dundee United.

Transfer sagas are rumbling on. Does anyone really think the Vidal thing is going to happen? From my extensive scouting networks on youtube he looks like the kind of guy we should be bringing in to add depth in the centre of midfield – tenacious, spikey, and another word that means tenacious that completes this triumvirate. However he does have dreadful hair. I can’t help but feel this is one that is being played up because of the Chilean connection.

Also with the signing of Cech – which is absolutely fantastic for so many reasons – it feels like we have bigger fish to fry. I get the sense, and I geuinely have no idea from where, that Dick Law is bobbing around in the Bundesliga this summer. A Reus here, a Javi Martinez there, maybe even a Bender or two? Who knows but this summer feel BIG.

Final thought for the day, who will be Arsenal’s breakthrough player this year? 13/14 was Ramsey. Last year was Coquelin. Could next season be the one where Wilshere or the Ox really deliver on all their potential? Could Theo finally turn into Thierry Henry and net 30 goals? What do you think? I WANT YOUR OPINIONS PLEASEEE.

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Speak soon x

Cheerio to Lukas!

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Well how are we today?


Nothing says summer quite like sitting next to a guy on the train and you can taste his body odour so acutely, it’s akin to biting into an raw onion.