Secret agent Jenks? | Raul S taps contacts again? | WELBZ banters Dubai

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Hudson Odoi… he’s the boy!

Oh and we sung…

5-1 against Montenegro. What a night. ENGLAND are gonna win the next World Cup, aren’t they?

… back to Arsenal news. Big Kike Marin has BACKED Le Grove and the stance on hiring in your mates to do a highly specialised job that could impact the club for years to come.

“With all due respect to them, but that Andoni Zubizarreta and Robert Fernandez are sounding for the yes I find disrespect. Raül Sanllehí should consider where he is and have someone who knows the Arsenal and the Premier. It’s The logical thing, I say.”

Amen, let’s not get in there and raid Barca for the people they didn’t want. We don’t need a Barca-light model at Arsenal, Wenger tried that and failed miserably. Let’s try a modern Arsenal and hire the best man or woman for the job… not the only person out of a job in Raul’s Rolodex.

Amy L has a great piece on integrating girls into the boys training sessions at Arsenal.

‘This initiative is based on the simple principle of putting young prospects in the best environment for them to flourish. Per Mertesacker, head of Arsenal’s academy, is keen to point out it is not a token gesture. He feels there are benefits in both directions. It is not just the girls who are being challenged. “It started off by thinking of our club and what we stand for,” he explains. “How can we integrate everyone a bit better? We love the variety and we love the different challenges that you sometimes face – that a girl can take you on and sometimes win a duel against you. All these things struck me. It is lovely to see this thriving environment.’

“I remember back in my days it was normal to play with girls in opposition teams. I got on with it and it helped me to understand from the very beginning how important it is to be first of all capable but also to be humble and respectful and disciplined. That’s what we are trying to achieve with these youngsters, to prepare them not only for a football career but also for reality. Women and men are both highly capable.

Sounds like a mighty fine idea to me. If it’s fair, why not? It raises the bar for everyone if the best talent is playing together, and it also ensures the girls land the same opportunities to receive great coaching as the boys.

This is WELBZ dropping some banter… little bit stale now mate, but look, you’ve had a rough time, so we’ll let it slide. Just don’t bring me the Fortnite dance tomorrow or we’ll have to have words.

There’s a delightful story doing the rounds that Liverpool are going to ditch Naby K for very little this summer. Sure, he’s been average, but he’s an explosive player. If we’re thinking about replacing Aaron and he’s around, I’d be all over that sort of a move. Surely a nonsense though? Just an agent trying to force the club to commit? Probably…

We’re tracking Charlton player, Joe Aribo, who plays in left midfield… Jenks is at it again, right?

I haven’t seen him play, but the last time I got excited about a lower league talent it was Bramall and that didn’t really work out, did it?

Right, that’s me done. I am so over you and your attitude. Let’s thrash it out in the comments once and for all.


Backroom changes afoot

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Ok, so I indulged myself with a little Oranje and it was good.

Serge Gnabry scored an absolute peach of a goal, making VVD look like Stepanovs in the process. He’s so fast and powerful when he runs… I love how direct he is… and that shot, wow, he’s clearly the heir to Podolski.

Hollandhase some very sexy talent in their team, but Germany still took them down in the end. I thought Memphis looked very good out wide, I wonder if there’s a big move back to one of the big leagues this summer?

In Arsenal news, it appears Steve Morrow and Francis Cagigao are set for promotions as Arsenal shake up their backroom team. We’re still looking for a technical director, but there’s no real news on where that’s coming from, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

I don’t know enough about Morrow and Cagigao to make an assessment on what they’ll bring to the club, one would hope the deep knowledge of Arsenal will work in their favour, and maybe now Wenger has gone they’ll have an opp to shine if they’re given a bit more power.

I would love us to do something fancy with the top football job. The person who sets the tone at Arsenal should have a track record of doing it before. We’re not in a position to take risks. Even less so when you consider we’ve never really had a structure to start with. It’d be great to find someone who is doing exciting things, with the ability to reset the club and put us on course for the next ten years.

My worry from the start was that the search and select process was going to be amateur and a little bit old boys club. Nothing has indicated otherwise so far, but happy to be proved wrong… in fact, I am literally begging on my hands and knees and praying that I am wrong. I don’t like the notion that the club could be taken advantage of by a group of guys who know the owner isn’t really paying attention. Everyone gets a fat wage, an easy life and very little pressure because our fans aren’t really that demanding. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

Arsenal are in Dubai.

I don’t really have much to say on this… bar… did anyone ask if the Royalty had a spare £3 billion to buy the club?

Right, that’s me done… see you in the comments. x