Arsene probably thinks Arsenal can catch Chelsea. Do you?

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Hump day? Get the f*ck out of my face with hump day. You're an embarrassment. Go and sit in the kitchen and think about how you just greeted the office.

I tell you what though, international week gives me the hump. It's an excuse for the whole world to bitch about all the boring stuff.



It's like saying we need more reality TV stars, or more X Factor episodes. I don't like to read it. I really don't.

I tell you what is an interesting thought, and I might write it up. But have Arsenal damaged their squad going all operation English? Chambers, Theo, Jack, Jenks, WELBZ, Chambo... I mean they're quite an expensive crew who haven't really delivered much past being good squad players. Is it worth it? I know we have to have them because of quotas. But are they kicking us up a level?


I love the boys, but you do feel like they're the builders in a studio of artists.

Tomas Rosicky is in the papers this morning basically asking Arsene Wenger to give him a go in the team for a bit. I can't imagine the Czech is going to sign another deal with us, all he wants to do is play soccerball with his pals, but it'd be nice if he had a terrific goodbye final 9 games. He's also at the age where you wonder if he might be worth keeping on in a coaching capacity. Arguably, he's one of the most technically gifted in the side, he's a hard worker, incredibly personable and he's played at the highest level for many years.

Plus, he ages backwards. Look at his face. Look at his improved fitness as he grows older. It's messed up.

Injury news is looking sweet. Jack, Debuchy and Arteta are all back in contention for the Liverpool game. I'm not sure any of them could be considered for a start. They'll be incredibly rusty and others are playing really well / they'll mostly have had a rest over the last week or so. I still find it quite amazing we're giving Arteta another deal. We're shifting players on that are one dimensional like Theo and Lukas, but we're keeping players who can't hack the pace anymore? Unless it's a coaching thing, it makes little sense to me. Arteta slows our game dramatically, he's incredibly injury prone and yeah, those are the only two points I have.

Arsene Wenger has said that Chelsea are too far away to catch. But anything can happen. GOOD WORDS.

I think the exciting thing about the run in is that there are no guarantees for anyone. It's the most bestest Premier League in years. David Moyes slagging it off as poor. It's a total lack of understanding about its strength... and hey, look, David, you couldn't win it. Why should a league be defined as good / bad based on whether it has one or two totally exceptional teams? It should be about whether it's a competition or not. A few weeks ago, it looked like it wasn't. Now, out of nowhere, it's become a race. Blink and something changes.

Isn't this what we've been crying out for over the years? Yes it is. Strong teams all over the place.

If we took the approach of the European countries when it came to protecting our Euro interests, it'd be even better.

One element of the league I love, is that when it doesn't succeed, it's about English people and their archaic approach to football.

Then in the next breath, we're bemoaning a lack of English input.

Guys and gals, if the league isn't up to scratch, it's not because of English input. It's the foreigners and all their sweet technical know how killing it.

Anyway, I love the Premier League. I love the power, the pace, the skill, the passion, the fight and atmosphere. Love it. Love it like Kevin Keegan loves seeing United lose. Love it like Sanchez loves kicking the ball. Love it like Lukas Podolski's social media team love ignoring the fact he's on an appalling run of form.

F*cks given? Get me on the social boys.

F*cks given? Get me on the social boys.

Right, I really have to go to work to do some stuff. I've been in bed at 10 every night since Sunday. What have I become?