6 Arsenal wishes for the next 6 games 🔴⚪️🙏

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So football seasons work in blocks. They’re international break blocks. If you take each one as a chunk of the season, it’s a nice way to work. The next 6 games run until the 8th of November. Plenty can happen in that time. Realistically, you can rule yourself out of the league in that time, you can drop yourself out of the league cup and this time around… we could easily be out of the Champions League.

1. Throw Europe if we lose the Bayern game. (more…)


January signings sound depressingly boring

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Ok, so this whole.. ‘I’m gonna write the night before’… stuff hasn’t kicked in yet.

If I write something yesterday, then it might not work or I might wake up and everything has changed… like someone has died, and I spent the evening slating them. Then the article goes viral. Then I wake up and I’m fired and destitute.

I don’t deserve that.